State of California
Medical Board of California

Notice Regarding License Verification System (LVS)

The Medical Board of California transitioned to the BreEZe online licensing and enforcement system in October 2013. As a result, the License Verification System must be redesigned and the license information has not been updated since October 2013. A database has been developed to allow authorized users to confirm whether a Health Facility Peer Review Reporting Form (805 report) has been filed against a physician or podiatrist before the health care grants or renews staff privileges to the licensee. Eventually, this system will include reports filed against physician assistants.

Until LVS is functional, please do the following:

  • Use the ‘BreEZe License Lookup’ to verify the current status of the licensee.
  • Access the ‘Health Facility/Peer Review Database’ using your LVS user name and password. A table will be displayed which reflects all of the 805 reports on file with the Board. The table can be sorted by licensee name or license number. If the licensee’s name is not on the table, no Health Facility/Peer Review reports have been filed with the Medical Board or the Board of Podiatric Medicine. If the licensee’s name is found, the table will reflect the number of Health Facility/Peer Review reports on file. Use the standard protocol to request a copy of the report(s) by completing the ‘Request For Copy of 805 Report.’

If there are additional questions regarding the BreEZe License Lookup or the Health Facility/Peer Review database, please contact Marco Armas at (916) 263-2482 or by email at