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Notice Regarding License Verification System (LVS)

The Medical Board of California transitioned to the BreEZe online licensing and enforcement system in early October 2013. Although the License Verification System remains accessible, the data contained in the LVS is current as of October 3, 2013. It is anticipated that the LVS data will be refreshed on or about April 1, 2014.

In the interim, you may do the following:

  • Use the ‘Check Your Doctor’ link on the Board’s homepage to verify the current status of the physician’s license
  • Submit an email request to, including the full name and California license number of the physician(s) for whom you are seeking 805 information. Please also include your LVS password so we may verify you are eligible to receive this information. Medical Board staff will respond within seven business days of receiving your request.
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Please note: The License Description table and License Status Codes and Descriptions table have been updated.

If authorized, the LVS system provides information on the number of Business and Professions Code section 805 reports filed on the licensee. For information on how to request a copy of an 805 report, see Important Phone and Fax Numbers. This database differs from the Medical Board's Web site physician profile in that it does not provide public disclosure descriptions. For this information please check the physician's profile by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: California Business & Professions Code Section 805.5(b) prohibits the Medical Board from disseminating a copy of an 805 report "(1) if the denial, removal, or restriction was imposed solely because of the failure to complete medical records, (2) if the board has found the information reported is without merit, or (3) if a period of three years has elapsed since the report was submitted."